Algonquin Tea Company


For over 20 years we have been passionate about connecting people to the magic spirit and power of the earth’s plants.

Who are we?

A collective of dedicated Earth lovers who have a vision of sharing the magical, medicinal, wild and sacred plants of the Canadian wilderness where we live.

What is wildcrafting?

Wildcrafting refers to the sustainable harvesting  of plants from their natural habitat (the plants are not cultivated)

How are your teas harvested?

The wilderness matters, so our herbs are sustainably harvested and or organically grown, hand-picked and naturally dried. No fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides are ever used in or near our herbs.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes. Please contact our office for details.

Are your teas gluten-free?


Can I drink your teas even if I don’t have any symptoms?

Absolutely! Consider the medicinal qualities a bonus!

Why do some of your boxes say ATC Medicinals?

Since 2004, all natural products claiming health benefits sold in Canada now require an NPN number – Natural Product Number.   Four of our products applied and were granted NPN numbers by Health Canada. We identified them as ATC Medicinals. The Regulations help give Canadians access to a wide range of natural health products that are safe, effective and of high quality.

Which of your teas are safe while pregnant and/or breastfeeding?

We encourage pregnant and breastfeeding women to drink Homestead Blend, which is a delicious nutritive tonic for both mother and baby. It is good for all of us all the time, by the way.

Why are some of your teas no longer safe for pregnant women?

Products with an NPN (see above) are required to inform their consumers of any possible reactions (both positive and negative) to specific ingredients used in their products. See our contraindications page for more information.

Where did your name come from?

We were inspired by childhood canoe camping trips into the thousands of lakes of Algonquin Park an amazing wilderness area in Ontario.   We were blessed with moving into the Algonquin region as adults. We named our company  in honour of the Algonquin/Omàmiwinini people who have always called this beautiful un-ceded territory home.

Who is the artist on your boxes?

The images are by friend and artist Ritchie ‘Stardreamer’ Sinclair who apprenticed with Norval Morrisseau, who is considered a master painter and a Canadian treasure.

Who is your certifier?

Canada Organic Logo Pro-Cert logo